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A perfect start to an epic fantasy series

As a fan of fantasy I always judged a book by it's first chapter to see if the story was going to engage me or not. I know this sounds harsh, but that was years ago and things have changed dramatically.

People walk into a bookstore pick up a novel if the like the cover, read the blurb, and maybe look at the first page, it these three things that I worked so hard on. When writing The beginning of the end, I wanted to capture the readers attention on the first page and make them curious and want to continue reading.

I believe that I have achieved this one the first page of my fantasy series, several different questions on varying aspects in one short simple page, without being too complex.

This took years of trying to workout the perfect beginning to the story, I knew where I needed to start but there was nowhere near as much conflict and action.

I would love to hear of any other novels where the first page grabs the reader and does not let go

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