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Find the missing piece of the puzzle

One thing I love when I read fantasy novels is the character lists telling me who is who in the story. When writing the first two novels in The Ramulas chronicles, The beginning of the End and Sanctuary I left a piece of the puzzle from the story.

There is a group who play a significant part within the story who are not listed in the character list, you will find this character list in another blog post, and in the second novel. The first person to find this group will win $200 US dollars, but there needs to be clues as to who I am looking for.

1 The group is not mentioned in the character list.

2 They play a teaching role, helping one of the main characters to hone their skills.

The first person to tell me who this group is and who they teach will win the prize, please send your answers to my website.

Happy hunting.

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