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You need a kick ass character list for an epic fantasy series.

The following is the character list for The Ramulas chronicles.

Character list

Aleesha – King Zachary’s daughter

Alpha - One of the Warlords chasing Oriel.

Benji – Former thief, friend of Pip and now member of the fallen angels, an elite army with Sanctuary.

Beta – One of the Warlords chasing Oriel.

Captain Aldrich – Member of King Braydon’s army.

Declyn – Magician to King Braydon.

Eady – Leader of the Dryads.

Edwin – A Dwarf helping dig the tunnel to Oriel.

Emily – An ancient spirit trapped in Sanctuary for hundreds of years.

Fenris – A young Hell hound.

Grace – Daughter of Ramulas, affected by his magic and that of the Dryads.

Iguchi – A warrior from across the sea, trainer of the fallen angels.

Jacqueline – Wife of Ramulas.

Jenna – Sister to Pip.

Kate – Eldest daughter of Ramulas, who has unique fighting skills.

K’ayden – Head of the Khilli people.

Lodi – A giant living near Sanctuary.

Lucas – Head of King Zachary’s royal guard.

Makayla – Jenna’s daughter.

Master of shadows – Head of the thief’s guild in Keah.

Michael – Member of the fallen angels.

Miles – former thief and member of the fallen angels, and close friend of Benji.

Nathaniel – Brother of Michael who is trapped near Oriel in the mountain.

Old John – Member of the shadows, thief’s guild of Keah.

Omega – One of the Warlords chasing Oriel.

Oriel – a being of pure magic hiding from the Warlords who wish to kill her for her powers.

Owain – Blind archer from Shangri-La.

Patrick – Father of Pip.

Pip – Former member of the shadows, and now fighting partner of Ramulas.

Private Anderson – Member of King Zachary’s army.

Ramulas – Twin to Remus, leader of Sanctuary and protector of his people.

Reckoning – A captain of the legion.

Redemption – A caption of the legion.

Retribution – A captain of the legion.

Remus – Twin of Ramulas, head Warlord chasing Oriel.

Royce – Prisoner of Gully town.

Rygar – Dwarf and adoptive father to Lodi.

Rufus – Ramulas’ warhorse.

Shayn – Prisoner of Gully town.

Shearok – Young Dragon from Shangri-La.

Shigar – Magician to King Zachary.

Tao – Son of Jenna.

Thomas – Ramulas’ friend and part Khilli.

Tilly – Sprite living in Sanctuary’s Forest.

Valkyrie – Mother Hell hound.

Zachary – Ruler of the Kingdom.

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